GROVE Online Quran Academy

GROVE Online Quran Academy is a project of GROVE CYBER SOLUTIONS. The institution started working in 2017. Its aim is to spread Quranic education around the world. The lack of Islamic institutes has created a vacuum that needs to be filled. We are bringing the light of Quran from traditional classrooms to online spaces. Our Quran teachers are qualified, hardworking, and experienced. Owing to the difficulties faced by the students, the institute has made the videos of the lessons. The courses offered are super easy and engaging. Also, students can opt for a custom course. In our online Quran Academy, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, or occupation, is entitled to the Quranic Education. In this we believe with all our heart. In this we want others to believe. So, join us and be one of us! 


GROVE Online Quran Academy is an Online Quran School operating from Pakistan. It was established in 2017 with the sole aim of spreading the message of the Holy Quran. The world today has changed considerably from the world two or three decades ago. The internet was not so common back then. GROVE Online Quran Academy wants to use the internet to help those brothers and sisters who are facing difficulties in getting education in a Mosque or a Madrasa. Now, you can get quality education for you and/or your kids in the warmth of your houses. Most of all, we focus on maintaining the quality of the traditional education. After graduating, our students are able to read the Holy Quran fluently while observing all the rules of Tajweed.

How it Works

The classes will be online. You will require a stable internet connection. Moreover, you will also need an ID on Zoom, Skype, or Oovoo. You can use any device that supports these software. Our teachers are going to be online on your selected timings. The first three classes will be a free trial. After these classes, you can choose to stay or leave a course. Above all, there is no need for webcams. We only use the screen sharing option to teach you. It enables you to see the same screen which is being used by the teacher. We will also assess your performance through the monthly tests. In January every year, we hold a competition. However, you will have to register at the desired course first. Besides, you can ask for our help to find the right course

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